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About Aramex Courier

Aramex Courier Service is a world-class logistics, courier, and package delivery company. Globally, Aramex has more than 17,000 employees and millions of customers in more than 65 countries, with an annual revenue of over $62 million (in 2021). Aramex is UAE's most trusted courier company for home and business deliveries. It offers a 24/7 service for all your shipping needs, including overnight and international surface delivery. Your life will be less stressful when you move home or relocate to the UAE with its reliable services.

You can always rely on this tool illustrated here for Aramex tracking. It will keep you updated regarding the info to deliver your packages quickly, reliably, and safely. DHL and GLS are well-known global brands, but Aramex is the best solution when you need someone to handle all your delivery needs. It is a global leader in international express delivery services, offering various solutions to clients.

What is the Aramex Tracking Tool?

Aramex tracking a shipment was never this easier before! It is the best solution for tracking and knowing the location of your packages. It provides improved visibility of your shipments in real time. It is a feature-rich, fully functional Aramex shipment tracking tool that allows you to track your packages and shipments across various carriers.

Trade on the go with the Aramex parcel tracking tool. With real-time updates and instant notifications, you'll always know if goods have arrived. This tool offers a complete range of services to simplify your workflow.

How to Use Our Aramex Courier Tracking Tool?

Follows these step-by-step guide that will make you able to track Aramex couriers, parcels, or shipments by using our tracking tool:


Aramex Courier Services

Aramex Courier serves its customers with different types of courier services. Each service is different and according to the nature of the parcel. Thus you can choose the best appropriate service according to you and book your parcel with it:

Following are some of the services that you can take and get their Aramex shipment tracking online while lying on your bed:

Express and Freight Services

Express services by Aramex help you ship and send your packages, large or small, anywhere in the world. You can ship and send packages to countries around the world. It is also available for business customers. With this network, you can easily export your packages for door-to-door expediency. Your packages are shipped as quickly as possible with express international shipping service.

Whether your packages are large or small, it has got you covered. Do you want Aramex tracking flawlessly? Explore our parcel tracking tool and enjoy endless parcel tracking possibilities.

Aramex offers an extensive worldwide air freight network. Its aircraft and strategic hub fleet provide the most affordable and reliable transportation of your goods. And it offers a rapid and reliable method of transporting your goods, regardless of the distance. The company boasts a diverse fleet and strategically placed hubs to ensure time-definite and reliable transport of your goods.

With this in mind, Aramex is the perfect partner for less-than-truck-load (LTL) and full-truck-load (FTL) services. Aramex international tracking is exceptional when you pick our Aramex parcel tracking tool, ensuring excellent tracking results.


At Aramex, the team strives to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions in logistics and transportation. The company supports start-ups, assists established businesses in supply chain management, and more.

Successful online retailers need an easy and cost-effective way to manage their e-commerce customers, orders, and deliveries and effectively brand their online stores. With Aramex, you can manage both in-store and online orders. Use this tool if you want instant Aramex courier tracking.

Logistics Services

Save time and increase efficiency by managing your logistics with Aramex. Its global supply chain solutions, logistics services, and warehouse management systems are cutting-edge, giving you an extraordinary advantage in the marketplace. It provides warehousing and value-added services to you. Aramex parcel tracking can be accomplished gracefully by using the tool mentioned here.

Small Business Solutions

Aramex has launched a program that caters to all SMEs in the region to open doors for partnerships with more SMEs. The program offers solutions for seamless collaboration. It is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to access a scalable business solution. Do you want to track your orders timely and effortlessly? Here is the tool provided to you. Enjoy Aramex shipment tracking at a $0 cost to you.

By partnering with Aramex, these entrepreneurs will receive the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to build a successful network and grow their businesses. It mainly provides the necessary logistics and transport infrastructure to help them grow their business. Conclusively, Aramex offers a variety of business solutions and services that address the needs of small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to accomplish Aramex courier tracking of the most recent parcel?

Use this tool and enter the correct Aramex tracking number on your parcel/freight. After waiting seconds, you will know all the essential details regarding your parcel delivery, including the current location and delivery timeline.

What is the delivery time taken by Aramex service?

Aramex usually takes 4-10 business days to deliver your parcels internationally.

Why does Aramex offer so many payment options?

Aramex offers a variety of payment options because they want to cater to their customers. If they provide a wide range of payment options, their customers will be happy with the service and feel satisfied with the company. You can pick COD, credit card paying, or invoices system option to pay at your convenience.

What are the parcel express and international express services' weightage offered by Aramex?

The Aramex Parcel Express is a service that provides customers with a fast and reliable delivery service for parcels with a minimum weight of 1 lb. And international service includes 30 kg weight to ship.

If I can not track my Aramex parcel?

If you track your Aramex parcel using our Aramex tracking tool and get no results. It is annoying for you, and we understand this situation. Keep calm, and we are here to assist you in these circumstances. Follow the steps which are given below and recheck your parcel status. We ensure a positive user experience and are always here to help you. 

First, recheck your tracking number:

Remember that always put your correct tracking number in the tracking tool. If you face any issues while checking your parcel tracking, recheck your tracking or reference number.

Retry tracking:

Suppose you face "No Results Found" after retrying the tracking. We suggest you try it again. Sometimes, temporary delays in updating the tracking information can occur. If you try again, you increase the chances of getting updated and accurate details about your parcel.

Try another attempt:

After the initial attempt, no results were obtained, don't worry. We suggest giving it a second attempt before exploring alternative options. By trying a second time, you provide more opportunities for the system to retrieve the updated information.

Go to Aramex's official website:

We understand that it might be annoying if you tried tracking your package with our online Aramex parcel tracking tool twice but failed to succeed. Furthermore, we provide you with an alternative solution. Go to the official website of the Aramex courier. Or click on that link:, to track your parcel.