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How Can I Track My Cdek Russia Parcel?

Heres two methods are availaible below follow these steps to get easy and quick responce regarding your parcel.

1- Visit the Track My Package website.

2- Visit the official Cedek website.

CDEK Tracking Tool

CDEK is a courier company working in russia and also provide cedek tracking tool which is web-based, convenient, and reliable tool for customers to stay informed about their shipments and ensure a smooth delivery experience. The CDEK tracking tool enables users to obtain real-time information about their shipments' location, transit history. The tracking tool may also provide updates on any delivery exceptions or delays that might have occurred during the shipping process.

How to Track Your Shipment With the CDEK Express Tracking Tool?

To use the CDEK Russia tracking tool and track your package, you can follow these steps:

How to Get Your CDEK Mail Tracking Number? (E-Commerce & Direct Method)

Here are some common methods to acquire your CDEK express cargo tracking number:

CDEK Receipt:

Either you send a parcel to someone, or someone sends you through a CDEK courier. The receipt that CDEK representatives will give when receiving the parcel in their office also contains the tracking number.

Confirmation Email

If you purchased online and selected CDEK as the shipping carrier, check your email for a confirmation or shipping notification. The email from the sender or retailer usually includes the tracking number and other shipment details. 

Order Confirmation Page

After completing an online purchase, you may be redirected to an order confirmation page. This page often summarizes your purchase, including the order tracking number. Make sure to copy or note down the tracking number at this stage.

Contact the Sender

If you have not received any tracking information or cannot locate the tracking number, contact the sender or retailer directly. Contact their customer service via email, phone, or live chat and request the tracking number for your shipment.

How Does the CDEK Tracking Russia Display Results for Users?

Status Description
In Transit This status indicates your package is in transit and being transported to its destination. It means that the package is moving through the CDEK delivery network.
Out for Delivery When your package reaches the final stage of the delivery process, it is marked as "Out for Delivery." This status implies that the package is with a CDEK courier and is on its way to being delivered to your specified address.
Failed The "Failed" status indicates that an attempt was made to deliver the package, but it was unsuccessful. This may result from several factors, including an inaccurate address and an unavailable receiver.
Delivered Once your package has been delivered to the receiver or the specified delivery address, the status will change to "Delivered." The shipping procedure is complete now that the product has arrived.
Pending "Pending" status typically means a delay or some issue with the package, and it is awaiting further action or processing.

Benefits of Using the CDEK Express Tracking Tool

Different Services Tracked by Our CDEK Russia Tracking Tool

CDEK is a logistics company based in Russia that offers a wide range of domestic and international shipping services. Here are some of the CDECK logistics services mentioned, which are tracked by our deck Russia tracking tool:

Express Delivery

CDEK offers express delivery services for time-sensitive shipments. They provide fast and reliable transportation options to deliver packages quickly to their destination.

International Shipping

CDEK offers international delivery services to countries such as Belarus, China, Armenia, Germany, and Akmola, Kazakhstan. They enable customers to send packages and parcels to various countries worldwide. Depending on the destination and requirements, they offer air and ground transportation options.

Customer Returns

CDEK offers solutions for managing returns and reverses logistics. They assist businesses in handling returned goods, managing refunds or exchanges, and ensuring efficient processing of reverse shipments.

Tracking Service

CDEK provides tracking services, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their shipments in real-time. They also offer delivery notifications to keep recipients informed about their packages' status and estimated delivery time.

Cdek Russia

CDEK, also known as Express-courier, is a leading delivery service founded in Novosibirsk on February 25, 2000. CDEK's wide network of services and activities serves over 1,000,000 active consumers in 27 countries.

The success of CDEK can be attributed to its extensive infrastructure and a team of dedicated couriers. Currently, the company employs a workforce of 6000 couriers who work tirelessly to ensure efficient and reliable deliveries. With 300,000 daily departures, CDEK has established itself as a reliable partner for individuals and businesses.

The reach of CDEK's services extends beyond its headquarters in Novosibirsk, covering a wide geographical area. CDEK has effectively expanded its footprint to meet the demands of a global market. It provides convenient delivery options for its clients without any hassle. Having successfully served over 67,000 satisfied customers, CDEK remains at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction in the express-courier industry.

It is worth noting that CDEK focuses on parcel delivery from China to Russia and CIS countries. Thus, with our CDEK Russia tracking tool, one can easily find out the exact location of their packages and shipments.


What are CDEK shipping costs?

CDEK logistic solutions, much like most other courier businesses, determine its prices by analyzing the origin and destination routes, in addition to the weight and size of the CDEK package.

Customers may find out how much their shipment will cost in rubles, dollars, or euros by going to the "calculate the cost" part of the CDEK website and filling out the accompanying form with the necessary details.

Is CDEK delivery fast?

CDEK is a Russian logistics company that offers various shipping services, including express delivery options. The delivery speed of CDEK can vary depending on the service you choose. CDEK offers the Blitz Express service if you require urgent shipping, which guarantees delivery within 24 hours. This service is designed for fast and time-sensitive shipments. 

CDEK provides the Super Express service for slightly less urgent shipments, which typically delivers documents within 1 to 2 days. It's important to note that delivery speed can be affected by factors such as distance, customs clearance procedures (for international shipments), and unforeseen circumstances.

Why your CDEK package is not updating or moving?

There can be several reasons why your CDEK package is not updating or moving. One possibility is shipping delays, which can occur due to various factors such as customs clearance, transportation issues, or high volumes of packages. These delays are beyond the control of CDEK and can take some time to resolve. Another reason could be a temporary glitch or technical problem with the CDEK package tracking system, which can prevent real-time updates from being displayed. In such cases, it is advisable to wait a few days to see if the issue resolves itself.

What can I do if I can not track my CDEK parcel?

First, be calm and check again. Due to some technical glitches, the user can’t find the location of their parcel in this case, follow the steps below: