CDEK Tracking

CDEK Tracking

To track your packages easily, you need to enter the CDEK tracking number below.

Introduction to Our CDEK Tracking Tool

Our CDEK tracking tool is a web-based, convenient, and reliable tool for customers to stay informed about their shipments and ensure a smooth delivery experience. This tracking tool enables users to obtain real-time information about their shipments' location, and transit history.

How to Use This CDEK Package Tracking Tool?

Here’s how you can use our tool for tracking your packages.


Tracking CDEK Packages Using the Official Website

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to track your packages using the official website.

Where to Locate Your CDEK Mail Tracking Number? 

Here are some common methods to acquire your CDEK express cargo tracking number:

Different Tracking Statuses

Status Description
In Transit This status indicates your package is in transit and being transported to its destination. It means that the package is moving through the CDEK delivery network.
Out for Delivery When your package reaches the final stage of the delivery process, it is marked as "Out for Delivery." This status implies that the package is with a CDEK courier and is on its way to being delivered to your specified address.
Failed The "Failed" status indicates that an attempt was made to deliver the package, but it was unsuccessful. This may result from several factors, including an inaccurate address and an unavailable receiver.
Delivered Once your package has been delivered to the receiver or the specified delivery address, the status will change to "Delivered." The shipping procedure is complete now that the product has arrived.
Pending "Pending" status typically means a delay or some issue with the package, and it is awaiting further action or processing.

Cdek Russia

CDEK, also known as Express-courier, is a leading delivery service founded in Novosibirsk on February 25, 2000. CDEK's wide network of services and activities serves over 1,000,000 active consumers in 27 countries.

The success of CDEK can be attributed to its extensive infrastructure and a team of dedicated couriers. Currently, the company employs a workforce of 6000 couriers who work tirelessly to ensure efficient and reliable deliveries. With 300,000 daily departures, CDEK has established itself as a reliable partner for individuals and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can I track multiple packages at once?

Yes, this tracking tool offers multiple package tracking, so you can track up to 10 packages at a time.

What are CDEK shipping costs?

CDEK logistic solutions, much like most other courier businesses, determine its prices by analyzing the origin and destination routes, in addition to the weight and size of the CDEK package.

Is CDEK delivery fast?

CDEK is a Russian logistics company that offers various shipping services, including express delivery options. The delivery speed of CDEK can vary depending on the service you choose. CDEK offers the Blitz Express service if you require urgent shipping, which guarantees delivery within 24 hours. This service is designed for fast and time-sensitive shipments.