Delhivery Tracking

Delhivery Tracking

Track your Delhivery shipment now and stay updated on its status with just a click!

How to Track Your Delhivery Courier Packages?

There are two steps to track your parcel status effectively, which are given below:
2-Official Site of Delhivery track.

Track Delhivery Packages with Trackmypackage Tracking Page:

Following are the steps to follow when utilizing our Delhivery tracking tool. This tool will offer you precise details once you use it for tracking Delhivery couriers:


Track Delhivery Package from Their Official Website:

  1. Open the official website of Delhivery Courier or click this link:
  2. Now, the official site tracking page is open on your device. Select your order type, for example, AWB, Order ID or LRN, and these are the order types; just select your desired one and paste the tracking ID in the given search bar, and press enter. 
  3. Now, your parcel tracking status will be open on your device.

Delhivery Service Types:

Express Parcel:

Express parcel delivery is the backbone of Delhivery as it gives it immense revenue and plays a vital role in its top-tier ranking. Are you looking for the best logistics company to tackle and deliver your consignments of up to 10kgs?

Partial Truckload Freight:

PTL (Partial Truckload Freight) service impacts the B2B express segment by offering a pocket-friendly price range. Regular-based deliveries are covered in this phenomenon, but you can also contact Delhivery for season-based deliveries. Your commodities and goods are kept safe and packaged firmly.

Truckload Freight:

Orion is a TL freight platform where shippers and fleet owners connect via this channel to successfully execute effective cargo delivery plans. Orion is one of NASA's most reliable spacecraft that take astronauts to their destinations! Hence, in truckload freight service, an ORION emphasizes the importance of safely and reliably delivering goods at the destination!

Cross Border Delhivery:

This service offers you flawless door-to-door express parcel deliveries. It ensures the integration of global networks to deliver effortlessly and smoothly. It includes versatile services like global B2B & B2C shipping, sea & air cargo shipping, cross-border return management, etc.

Supply Chain Services:

Delhivery, a prominent player in the Indian digital commerce landscape, thrives in e-commerce and offers comprehensive supply chain services. They provide the best tracking services like other couriers, EKART, Ecom Express, and Professional Courier. However, Delhivery's courier service performance is the best in the market.

Their E2E supply chain solutions are an amalgamation of warehouses, infrastructure, networking, transportation, tech aspect, & business intelligence successful paradigms. It is because their services are reliable, integral, speedy, budget-friendly, & versatile. It includes the following also:

  1. Distribution

  2. Vendor-based inventory management

  3. On-demand fulfillment

  4. Direct-to-retail

Delhivery Tracking Number Format & Examples

Delhivery tracking numbers generally adhere to a specific format, allowing you to verify the validity of the number you have.

The tracking details might change, so check your tracking number on the official Delhivery website for the most accurate updates.

Delhivery Tracking Status:

Status Description
Parcel Booked Your order has been confirmed.
Status not Updated Your parcel status needs to be updated.
In Processes The parcel is being processed or sorted in the carrier station.
Arrived at Delivery Center Your parcel or shipment arrived at the delivery center or station.
In Transit In transit or parcel moving from one location to another.
Out for Delivery The parcel is out for delivery, or the parcel is en route to the final destination.
Delivered - Received The package is delivered or received by the recipient.
Miss Delivery Miss delivery- The parcel is at its final destination but has not been received by the recipient.
Parcel Returned The item/parcel was returned to the sender or refused to be received by the recipient.
Notice by Company Notice left by courier company.
No Access No access or access problems by delivery Man to deliver the parcel to its final destination.

About Delhivery Couriers:

Do you want to know about Delhivery tracking or Delhivery courier service for reliable delivery and tracking of the online status of your orders or parcels? You can get all the information regarding their system, values, and working criteria here. It is one of India's most significant logistics and supply chain companies. It can be a one-stop shop for your shipping requirements.

Since May 2011, it has ensured valuable delivery to clients all over India and worldwide. Formerly, it was a hyperlocal express delivery service provider for physical or offline stores. Then, e-commerce flourished in India, and Delhivery became the hub of supporting excellent delivery services worldwide in this niche!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change the delivery address for my package?

You can change your delivery address depending on many factors, circumstances, and company policies. Contact the customer support as soon as possible.

Can I track multiple packages with Delhivery?

Yes, you can track multiple tracking numbers at the same time. Add your courier tracking numbers to the required field and press "Track Now." The tool fetches data regarding your provides numbers and shows them within seconds.

My tracking status says "Out for delivery." What does it mean?

Out-of-delivery status means your parcel is en route. It will be delivered shortly to the address mentioned on the parcel.

If I can not track my Delhivery parcel?

You get no results if you track your Delhivery package using our Delhivery tracking tool. It is annoying for you, and we understand this situation. Keep calm, and we are here to assist you in these circumstances. Follow the steps which are given below and recheck your parcel status. We ensure a positive user experience and are always here to help you.

  1. Recheck your Delhivery parcel tracking number.
  2. Try again after rechecking your tracking number.
  3. Try one more time.
  4. Visit the Delhivery official website or click the following link:

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