DHL Express Tracking

DHL Express Tracking

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Easily Track Your DHL Express Packages Using Our Service

Our service allows you to track your DHL Express packages with ease. If you are sending a package using DHL Express or receiving one, you can enter the tracking number into our tool and see where it is in the shipping process.

With our tool, you can see where your package is, such as in transit, at the warehouse, out for delivery, and so on.

How Can You Do DHL Express Tracking Using Our Service?

To track your DHL Express package, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Find out your DHL Express tracking number. The tracking number is provided when you book the shipping for your package.
  2. Enter the tracking number into the space provided above.
  3. Click on the “Track Now” button to start the process.
  4. Once the tracking data is displayed, you can easily see where your consignment is at that particular time.
  5. The tracking data can also be downloaded to your local storage using the provided option.

Excellent Features of Our DHL Express Tracking Service

You can enjoy a number of different features by using our tool to track your consignments. Here are some of the main notable ones:

1- New and updated results

When using our service, you don’t have to worry about getting old and outdated information regarding your consignment. Track My Package provides accurate and updated results about your DHL Express shipment. If the shipment happens to be Out for Delivery, you will instantly see the relevant status in the details when you add the tracking number.

2- Allows for bulk checking

Another benefit and perk of using our service to track DHL packages is that you can add multiple tracking numbers at the same time and collectively get their details. If you happen to be running a business or an online store, etc., where you have to keep an eye on numerous sent parcels to see when they are received by the customers, this feature can be very beneficial.

3- Downloadable results

Once you enter the tracking number of your consignment and get the shipping details, you can download them to your local storage. This can be helpful if you want to save the tracking information to your device to see it later, or if you want to share them with someone else.

Where Can You Find the DHL Express Tracking Number?

Normally, you can find the tracking number for your consignments by checking the email or text message that you receive from the courier confirming your order.

However, with DHL Express, there is another way in which you can find the tracking number for your package. There is a DHL Express application available for mobile devices, i.e., Android and iOS. On this application, you can easily login to your account and find the tracking numbers for your various consignments.

You can then track your package using our service by using the tracking number.

Track DHL Express Packages Internationally

You can use our service to find out the tracking details of your packages regardless of their origin and destination. We provide international package tracking with DHL Express. It doesn’t matter if the package you are sending/receiving is domestic or global. All you need to do is enter the tracking number and get the information in a jiffy.

What Is the Format of a DHL Express Tracking Number?

If your tracking number is not working and the details of your consignment are not being provided, it is possible that you may have added the wrong number by accidentally missing or adding a letter or digit.

To avoid making this type of mistake, its important to know the format of the tracking number. That way, you can match the number you have and see whether it conforms to the format or not.

A DHL Express tracking number typically has ten digits, which are started off by the codes 000, JJD01, JVGL, etc. (There are a few other codes as well that are similar to the ones we just mentioned.)

Here is what a dummy DHL Express tracking number would look like:


Your Data Is Safe and Secure with Us

When you track your package using our tool, you don’t have to worry about your data getting used or shared with anyone. We only use your tracking number to fetch the information that you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Deutsche Post and DHL Express the same?

DHL Express is a sub-division of Deutsche Post. While the latter is based in Germany and is responsible for domestic shipping, DHL Express does international shipping as well.

How do I know where my DHL Express parcel is?

You can use our DHL tracking service to find out where your parcel is. Your package could be in transit or it could be at the storage facility, etc. You can easily find this all out using our tracking tool.

What can I do with the DHL Express app?

You can use the app to manage your consignments. You can find the tracking number of your various consignments. You can later use those numbers to find out where your packages are through our service.

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