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Historical Background of DTDC:

With a safe shipping vision, DTDC (Desk To Desk Courier & Cargo) was founded in 1990, and today after 32 years, it is one of the best courier services ensuring the best services for the clients. You can trust this franchise to turn your ideas into a huge success. Surrounded by 12,000+ franchise networks, DTDC makes very sure that clients receive flawless services 24/7 with no difficulty at all. DTDC courier tracking in India is all about playing a significant role in developing cutting-edge technology and delivering the right values to the end clients. You can order anytime from anywhere and then leave it on DTDC Courier as it has become the belief of many!

DTDC Introductory Analysis & Vision:

DTDC is based on 3 franchise systems including business, enterprise, and delivery models! But here is a piece of brief information regarding delivery franchises so that you can get reliable delivery services. Sending consignments to the clients with responsibility is a basic aim that DTDC company follows as the best courier service. Today, it is due to their dedication and devotion, that DTDC courier service is one of the top-leading courier delivery services in India.

Along with delivering valuable goods timely to the clients, their main vision is to enhance your resources with minimal capital investment. To track your consignment orders, there are various modernized systems introduced by DTDC for your ease. Time-time their experts are revolutionizing the website of DTDC for making a user-friendly systematic approach & verification of your orders.

How does DTDC Serve the Clients Worldwide?

The structure that defines the dignity of DTDC is something very crucial in understanding the workflow at this amazing courier service-based company. Being the hub of delivering your products safely to you on time, DTDC has an elegant aura that is illustrated for you here. You can put your trust in DTDC due to its credibility and high-end deliverables management.

Today DTDC proudly claims that you can enjoy their 570+ operating facilities at your convenience. Moreover, the following are some of the highlighted & dynamic aspects of them that you can avail yourself of only when you consider DTDC as your preferred courier service:

  • 1550+ GPS-connected trucks
  • Tackles 12 million deliveries/month
  • 12+ automated hubs supporting a dynamic sort of management
  • 1 Mn.Sq.ft. extended warehousing space
  • Delivery access to over 11400+ pin codes in India
  • Accessible to over 220 locations internationally

You can track DTDC courier for any sort of next-day or same-day package delivery-based services. The courier tracking mechanisms at their company ensure a quick and instant response. And, don’t expect less-worthy services when you trust DTDC as you’ll enjoy competitive rates here and budget-friendly & user-friendly services in addition.

Features; Reasons to Trust DTDC:

You can track your shipment via using DTDC’s SMS tracker or e-tracker which will let you know the current location of your order. Moreover, it includes domestic shipping services to deliver the household items to you that you ordered online from different regions of the world. Some are cash on delivery (COD), while the rest are to pay via bank transfer or pre-order payment. Different modules are there for your convenience and you can pick the one suitable for you! Being a major logistic company, DTDC tracking status is considered one of the easiest tracking modules for end consumers!

Freight Services:
You can use an app launched by DTDC on your phone to check out the delivery timeline & DTDC's exact tracking location. Resultantly, you will receive all the necessary information to track your order and schedule a doorstep pickup. DTDC has a reputable rank globally regarding inbound and outbound shipment movements via supporting one of the world’s largest courier tracking systems. Smooth transactions are possible only when you trust DTDC for flawless transportation of commodities, cargo, and goods!

Special Services:
There is another module for e-retailors especially that falls under the category of special services. It is for e-commerce steups worldwide to explore and send their parcels via using DTDC-based reliable and efficient services. And, here you will get DTDC courier tracking information whenever you want. This new venture was established in 2016 and currently, it is proceeding successfully. It is all due to the innovative order delivery and tracking approach! You can get these services too from the comfort of your home/office by exploring this beneficial service for you! With no further delay, enjoy special commerce services today with high-end reliability and worthy packages offered by DTDC.

Warehousing Services:
From receiving an order to its delivery at the destined point, the warehouses are fully equipped to keep your products safely. They are designed significantly to tackle a bulk of storage capability and keep things there with maximized safety. Your special issued DTDC tracking number can show you the product location in DTDC’s warehouse when it is ready to deliver! Online inventory tracking is a versatile system that is handled by DTDC’s experts.

Entire Procedure of DTDC Courier Tracking Tool Utilization:

Normally, it takes only 2-7 days to deliver your parcels and orders. However, there is a DTDC tracking courier tool that you can utilize easily & get your desired information.

  • You need to enter your courier tracking number there and here you go!
  • After waiting for some seconds or a minute, you will receive detailed information regarding your order and its delivery.
  • You can evaluate their price range also with the timeline required in a complete delivering process.
  • The current status of your order will be visible to you once you start tracking via using this tool!

TrackMyPackage.net is an online tool to track shipments.
It supports 31 different couriers including Aramex, Bluedart, Delhivery, DHL, DTDC, FedEx and Trackon.