iMile Tracking

iMile Tracking

To track your packages more conveniently, get your hands on our iMile tracking tool.

About Our iMile Tracking Tool

This iMile Tracking tool allows customers to easily track the progress and location of their packages and shipments throughout delivery. Our tool provides real-time information, enabling users to stay updated on the status of their deliveries. Now, let’s see how this tool works.

How to Use This iMile Package Tracking Tool?

All you need to do is follow these steps for easy and quick tracking.


Where to Locate Your iMile Parcel Tracking Number?

To obtain your iMile package tracking number, there are several methods you can try. Here are four common approaches you can take:

Different Tracking States of the Imile Tracking Tool

iMile Mexico tracking offers various tracking states to accurately depict the different stages of the delivery process. Let's explore these tracking states in detail:

Status Description
Picked Up This tracking state indicates that the logistics provider has collected the package from the sender's location. It signifies the beginning of the delivery process.
In Transit Once the package is picked up, it enters the "In Transit" state. This means the shipment is en route to its destination and transported between various hubs and distribution centres.
Location The "Location" tracking state provides real-time updates on the package's location. It may include details such as the city or specific facility where the package is currently located.
Date The "Date" tracking state signifies the date a particular event occurred during delivery. It helps provide a timeline of the package's journey, allowing customers to track its progress.
Pending The "Pending" tracking state indicates a delay or an issue with the delivery process. It could be due to various reasons, such as customs clearance, weather conditions, or other logistical challenges. Customers are advised to wait for further updates.
Failed The package enters the "Failed" tracking state if a delivery attempt is unsuccessful. This could happen if the recipient is unavailable or if there are address-related issues. The tracking information will instruct how to reschedule delivery or retrieve the package.
Order Cancelled If a cancelled order occurs, the package's tracking status will be updated to "Order Cancelled." This usually happens when the sender or recipient requests cancellation before delivering the package.
Expired The "Expired" tracking state indicates that the package's tracking information has exceeded its designated timeframe. This could happen if the parcel was delivered outside the expected delivery window or if the tracking information needs to be updated.
Out for Delivery When the package is out for delivery, it has reached the final local distribution centre or the last-mile delivery provider. The package is now scheduled for delivery to the recipient's address.
Delivered The "Delivered" tracking state confirms that the package has been successfully delivered to the recipient's address. It concludes the tracking process and assures the parcel has reached its intended destination.

Users can monitor the entire journey from the initial pickup to the final delivery and stay informed about any potential delays or issues. This transparency and visibility create a smoother and more satisfying delivery experience for all parties involved.

Benefits of Using Our iMile Packet Tracking Tool

Here are 5 key advantages of using the iMile tracking tool:

iMile Couriers

iMile is an e-commerce logistics company; it is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to its partners. Established in 2017, iMile has quickly become a prominent player in the industry. Its headquarters are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and its research and development centers are in Hangzhou and Shenzhen, China. It is dedicated to serving a diverse range of clients, including renowned e-commerce companies such as Shein and Fordeal, as well as many other significant players in the Middle East and beyond. 

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What does an iMile tracking number look like?

iMile’s tracking numbers consist of 13 digits and follow a specific format. The first digit is always either 6, 7, or 8. The remaining 12 digits are a combination of letters and digits.

How long does it take for iMile to deliver Domestic and International shipments?

iMile provides domestic and international delivery services with different delivery times. Domestic shipments within Mexico are usually delivered within 1-3 business days, depending on the chosen delivery option. iMile also offers same-day delivery for urgent domestic shipments. 

Why isn't my tracking number working?

If you're experiencing issues with your iMile tracking number, there are a few possible reasons: