Janio Tracking

Janio Tracking

Just enter the tracking number below to use this advanced tracking tool.

About Janio Tracking Tool

This is a web-based tool that allows users to monitor their shipments' progress in real-time. When a user successfully sends a package via Janio, they will receive a tracking number and this tracking number is used to track the packages. Without wasting any time, let’s see how this tool works.

How to Use This Janio Package Tracking Tool?

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to track your packages in a couple of seconds.


Where to Locate Janio’s Tracking Number?

When you are done sending your parcel through Janio, you’ll receive a tracking number. It usually imprints on the sale receipt or you can also locate the tracking number in the confirmation email. Moreover, you can also contact Janio’s official website to get your tracking number.

What is the Janio Tracking Contact Number?

Here's Janio's contact number to track your parcel: +6594565884. You can also contact them via their official website by clicking on the following link: https://www.janio.asia/.

Janio Tracking Singapore

If you are a resident of Singapore and want to track your package, then get your hands on our tracking tool and effortlessly track the Janio parcels. Janio Express is serving worldwide whether you are sending your parcels within Singapore or all across the globe.

Janio Tracking Malaysia

This tool will help you track all your packages couriered to Malaysia. All you need to do is, enter your correct tracking number and get the real-time updates of your packages. 

About Janio Couriers

Janio is a logistics company that offers solutions for international shipping for e-commerce businesses in Southeast Asia. The company's headquarters are in Singapore and have a strong presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Janio Asia is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes in broadening their customer base and developing their global presence.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I track a package from Janio?

Janio courier tracking tool is a great way to keep users updated on the whereabouts and condition of their packages at all times. That's why all packages leave the office with a Janio tracking number. This number enables the package to be traced once it has been dispatched.

Does Janio deliver on the same day?

Janio offers many logistics services, such as same-day delivery, cash-on-delivery, and last-mile fulfillment, at more affordable prices than those offered by other companies.

Who owns Janio Asia?

Junkai Ng is the Janio Asia's Co-Founder and President.

Does Janio ship to the USA?

Yes, Janio provides cross-border logistics and shipping services to the USA. Janio provides freight, cross-border trucking, and many other delivery services for overseas orders.

How long does shipping from Malaysia to Singapore take?

On average, it will take approximately 9 days to ship your items from Malaysia to Singapore. The time it takes to send anything is heavily determined by the form of transportation that is chosen.

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