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About Janio Courier Tracking:

Janio Asia is a logistics company that offers solutions for international shipping for e-commerce businesses in Southeast Asia. The company's headquarters are in Singapore, and has a strong presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Janio Asia is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes in broadening their customer base and developing their global presence. Janio tracking was established in 2018 but has already established itself as a leading logistics provider in the region. The company provides end-to-end shipping solutions that assist companies of all sizes to standardize their logistics processes and expand their reach across international borders.

Janio Asia offers various services, including international air and sea freight, customs clearance, Last Mile Delivery, E-commerce Logistics, Cross-border Solutions, and value-added services such as packaging and labeling. Janio Asia can provide shipping services that are reliable and quick to more than 25 different countries across the world because of its extensive network of partners and carriers.

What Is a Janio Tracking Tool?

The Janio tracing tool is a web-based platform that allows users to monitor their shipments' progress in real-time. When a user successfully sends a package via Janio, they will receive a tracking number. This number may then be entered into the Janio tracking tool to monitor the delivery of the goods. The Janio parcel tracking tool includes information on the present location of the product, the projected arrival date, and any updates or changes to the shipment status.

How to Use Our Janio Courier Tracking Tool- Step-By-Step Guide


How to Get Your Janio Courier Tracking Number?

If you have made a shipment with Janio, you should have received a tracking number for your package. Here's how you can get your Janio tracking number:

Check Email:

When you make a shipment with Janio, you'll receive a confirmation email at the email address you gave them, including the tracking number.

Get in Touch With Janio's Support Team:

Contact Janio's support team if you need help or have any other queries concerning your shipment. Janio's customer service may be contacted via their website, email, phone, or live chat.

How Does Janio Package Tracking Display Results for Users?

You can check the status of your shipment by entering your Janio parcel tracking number into the tracking tool. The following information will be shown on the tracking page:

Shipment Current Status

This will show you the current status of your cargo, including whether or not it is in transit, if it has been delivered, and whether or not it has any issues or delays.

History of Tracking

This will display a comprehensive history of the progress of the cargo, including the date and time of each update and the position of the package.

Estimated Delivery Date

This will provide an estimated delivery date for your shipment based on its current location and the shipping method selected.

Shipment Details

This includes the sender and recipient's names and addresses and the package's size and weight.

Different Services Offered by Janio Asia Logistics

Janio and City-Link Express Logistics are based in Asia and provide services to businesses looking to ship products across borders and nationally. Within a short period, Janio won people's trust with our best and most reliable services. Here are some of the services mentioned provided by Janio:

International Shipping

This service allows businesses to send packages quickly and reliably across borders using air and sea freight. Janio partners with major courier companies to offer affordable and efficient express delivery.

Freight Forwarding

Janio also provides sea freight and air freight services for businesses looking to ship more significant volumes of goods across borders. Janio can handle everything from customs clearance to delivery at the destination port or airport.

E-commerce Logistics

Janio provides fulfillment services for e-commerce businesses, including warehousing, order picking, packing, and delivery. This service is designed to help businesses streamline their operations and improve their customer experience.

Customs Clearance

Janio offers customs clearance services to help businesses navigate complex customs regulations and ensure their packages are cleared for delivery promptly and efficiently.

Last Mile Delivery

Janio provides last-mile delivery services to businesses, ensuring their packages are delivered to their customer's doorstep promptly and professionally.

Benefits of Using the Janio Tracing Tool

Janio parcel monitoring tool offers several benefits for users who wish to track their shipments:


Yes, Janio's tracking tool is very convenient for users. The tool is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use so that users can track their shipments with just a few clicks. The tool also provides real-time tracking information, so users can always stay informed about their shipments' progress.

Easy Tracking

The tool is user-friendly and easy to use, allowing users to track their shipment with just a few clicks.

Detailed Tracking Information

The tool provides detailed tracking information, including the date and time of each shipment's movement, the location, and the shipment status.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I track a package from Janio?

Janio courier tracking tool is a great way to keep users updated on the whereabouts and condition of their packages at all times. That's why all packages leave the office with a Janio tracking number. This number enables the package to be traced once it has been dispatched.

Does Janio deliver on the same day?

Janio is a company located in Singapore that offers integrated logistics services, such as same-day delivery, cash-on-delivery, and last-mile fulfillment, at more affordable prices than those offered by other companies.

Who owns Janio Asia?

Janio Asia's Co-Founder and President, Junkai Ng.

Does Janio ship to the USA?

Yes, Janio provides cross-border logistics and shipping services to the USA. Janio is an e-commerce logistics expert that provides freight, cross-border trucking, and many other delivery services for overseas orders.

How long does shipping from Malaysia to Singapore take?

On average, it will take approximately 9 days to ship your items from Malaysia to Singapore. The time it takes to send anything is heavily determined by the form of transportation that is chosen. Compared to other freight transportation forms, such as air and trucks, the time required to transport goods by sea freight is often more extensive.

What if I can not track my Janio Courier parcel?

Using our Janio tracking tool and waiting for the results is irritating. Sometimes temporary technical issues occur in the system, so it's best to try the tracking procedure again after some time. Also, we suggest you follow the steps mentioned below and try again:

Verify your tracking number:

Before tracking your parcel, ensure that you have entered the correct tracking number provided by the sender or allotted by the courier company. Even a small error in the tracking number can lead to inaccurate results. Double-check the digits and try again.

Give it another go:

If you come across the message "No result found" while using our free Janio tracking tool, we suggest giving it another try. Occasionally, temporary hiccups or tracking information updates may occur. By attempting again, 

Try Again:

If your first attempt doesn't show the results, there's no need to worry. Try again before moving to an alternative option. When you try again, it gives a chance to the tool to collect more reliable and up-to-date information.

Visit the Janio official website:

We know it can be annoying if you try to track and trace your parcel using our online Janio Courier tracking tool twice and fail to check your parcel status. In such situations, we suggest you try an alternative solution. You can visit the official website of Janio Courier by following this link: https://janio.asia, to track and trace your parcel.