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LBC Tracking

LBC Express Courier - Track & Trace Your Parcels

What Is the LBC Tracking Tool? 

LBC provides an online courier tracking tool that enables users to input their tracking numbers to get real-time updates on the status of their packages. By entering the tracking number provided by LBC Express, customers can access detailed information about their shipment, including its current location, transit history, estimated delivery date, and any delivery attempts made. This LBC tracking tool helps customers stay informed about the progress of their shipments and provides them with an estimate of when they can expect to receive their packages.

How to Use Our LBC Express Tracking Tool?

To use the LBC Express tracking tool, follow these steps:

That’s it. Here’s another way of tracking LBC packages using our tool.

How Do You Get Your LBC Courier Tracking Number?

To obtain your LBC Express tracking number, you can follow these steps:

How Does LBC Express Tracking Tool Display Results for Users?

Upon entering the tracking number into the LBC Express tracking tool, users can expect to see the following information:

Status Description
Shipment Status This status could include information such as “in transit,” “out for delivery,” “delivered,” or “returned to sender,” among others.
Tracking History The tool provides a detailed tracking history that shows the various checkpoints the package has passed through during transit. This history typically includes information about when the package was picked up, when it arrived at the LBC Express facility, when it departed from various locations, and when it reached the destination or delivery branch.
Location Updates The tracking tool may provide location updates, specifying the cities or locations where the package has been scanned or processed. This allows users to track the progress of their shipment as it moves from one location to another.
Estimated Delivery Date LBC Express may also provide an estimated delivery date or time frame based on the available tracking information. This estimate is subject to change and may be influenced by distance, shipping method, customs clearance, and unforeseen circumstances.

LBC Express's Top-Notch Services Tracked Using Our LBC Tracking Tool

LBC Express is a well-known logistics and courier company that offers various services to cater to different shipping needs. Here are the different services provided by LBC Express:

Benefits of Using the LBC Track and Trace Tool

1) Convenient Access

Through the website, the tracking tool may be accessed quickly and conveniently. If you have access to the internet, you may monitor the progress of your shipments at any time and from any location. It features a user-friendly interface, which makes it simple for you to enter the data of your tracking and receive the information you want.

2) Detailed Information

The LBC Express tracking tool offers you extensive information on your package. You can examine the present position of your shipment, its transit history, and delivery status. This information is beneficial for planning purposes and guaranteeing that your goods will arrive at their destination as scheduled.

3) Peace of Mind

Customers have reported feeling less anxious as a result of the tracking tool. Customers can check that their shipments are proceeding as expected and make any required adjustments if problems develop when they can monitor their items. This is especially helpful for time-sensitive or expensive packages since it allows for more control and security.


How to find the tracking number in the LBC receipt?

Check out the lower-left part of your receipt, right under the barcode. That's where you'll find it.

Why is my LBC tracking number invalid?

If your tracking number is showing as invalid, it could be due to the website needing to be updated. Sometimes, tracking information takes time to be processed and reflected accurately on the website. It is recommended to wait until the following working day to check for updates.

How do I contact LBC Express Courier? 

To contact LBC Express, you can reach them by dialling their customer service hotline at +800 522 111.

How can I track my LBC package?

To track your package with LBC Express, visit the LBC Express tracking tool's official site, or you can check your parcel status by using the Track My Package website "Track & Trace" section. Enter your tracking number in the provided field and click the "Track" button to retrieve real-time updates on your shipment's status.

How many digits is the LBC courier tracking number?

The LBC Express cargo tracking number will have 12-17 digits for domestic items sent within the Philippines. The cargo tracking number typically comprises five digits related to international package shipments.

Can I track my LBC package without a tracking number?

No, Because with the tracking number, you can check on the status of your LBC shipment. Your shipment will have a unique identification number allowing you to trace its location and status as it travels to its final destination.

Is LBC Express tracking available for international shipments?

Yes, LBC offers tracking services for international shipments. LBC is an international courier and logistics firm that offers local and international delivery options. Every parcel is given a unique tracking number that clients may use to monitor their delivery status.

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