Nova Poshta Tracking

Nova Poshta Tracking

To track your packages with us, just enter the tracking number into the input field.

Introduction to Our Nova Poshta Tracking Tool

With the help of our tracking tool, users can easily get to know the status of their Nova packages. This tool is dedicated to giving accurate results. Moreover, you can track more than one package at once using this tool. 

How to Use This Nova Poshta Parcel Tracking Tool?

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to use this tracking tool. Let’s have a look at them.


Here’s how you can use our tracking tool.

About Nova Poshta & Offered Services

Nova Poshta is Ukraine's best choice for logistics. It is the largest and oldest private courier service in Ukraine. The company was founded in 2001 and has expanded nationwide, with more than 32,000 people working across offices and branches. A hundred seventy-two million parcels and freights were delivered across Ukraine and globally in 2021.

Remember to try out the Novaposhta international tracking tool mentioned here. You can also use many other tracking tools for free, like Deutsche Post DHL, Hermes, GLS, etc. In addition, the services offered by this postal company are listed down.

Nova Poshta Shipment Tracking Status Table

Status Description
Order/Shipment Confirmed This status indicates that the sender has booked your package or parcel or that someone has booked a parcel for you.
Status not Updated A delivery status that has not been updated is a very casual indication. This notice is typically displayed when a package is booked by the sender but not updated in the courier database or software. Or the company has not received any information on your current tracking number or the whereabouts of your package.
The Parcel is in Processes This notification indicates that your parcel or shipment is being sorted before proceeding to the next phase.
Arrived at the Delivery Office This status indicates that the package has arrived at a distribution centre and is ready to continue its trip.
Package Arrived at the Sorting Center Arrival at the Sorting Centre signifies that your item has arrived at a facility where it will be sorted and processed before continuing on to its final destination.
In Transit The state "In Transit" indicates that your shipment is now being moved from one location to another within a logistics or shipment system.
Package Arrived at Center This status indicates that the product has been sent to another courier station or centre before being delivered to its final destination.
Out for Delivery It signifies that your parcel is on its way to its final destination and is currently being delivered to your or the recipient's address.
Delivered - Received This message indicates that your item or cargo was successfully delivered to its final destination.
Miss Delivery The "Missed Delivery" status indicates that the delivery person attempted to deliver your package. Nobody got a delivery.
Item refused by addressee - Item returned to sender This message appeared if the recipient refused to accept the shipment and it was returned to the sender.
Notice Left "Notice Left" indicates that the delivery person attempted but was unable to deliver the parcel to the recipient's location. In this scenario, they usually leave a notification or a message informing the receiver of an attempted delivery and providing information on how to proceed, such as scheduling redelivery or picking up the box from a local post office or delivery centre.
No Access The warning "No Access" typically denotes that the courier or delivery team was unable to get to the address or location to deliver the goods, most often due to an impenetrable fence, restricted entry, or other similar access issues.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can not track my Nova Poshta parcel?

Here are a few options you can try:

What is the Purpose of a Nova Poshta tracking number?

A tracking number can be used to track the progress of the parcel on its journey. A Nova Poshta tracking number consists of 14 digits and is assigned randomly to each individual.

Does Nova Poshta deliver parcels within Ukraine only?

No, it delivers globally to an extensive part of the planet by ensuring smooth and reliable delivery services for eCommerce, logistics, freights, and much more. 

What does "Delivered to Agent" mean while checking Nova Poshta's status?

It means that the package is handed Over to a third party. It shows that the package has been transferred to an external entity, like a logistics company or a local post office, for further handling and delivery.

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