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About Safe Xpress:

Are you hunting for India’topst and the most reliable cargo services? This is the right place to explore then. Safexpress logistics was initiated in 1997 and today it has developed its identity as the market leader in this industry. It offers you various services for supply chain and logistics that can ensure the easiness of the clients. It is cut above the rest due to its excellent warehousing support as well. You can rely on their flawless services to get enhanced quality provision at your doorstep. Empowering a wide range of commercial and residential delivery services is the main aim of Safe Express it is fulfilled by adopting out-of-the-box strategies.

Services Versatility at Safe Xpress:

Safe Express is allowing you to explore the best services here not only for the residential or commercial sector. But if you are a student and looking for some great services, then this company offers you budget-friendly packages to relocate your baggage. It is offering you very useful services for business purposes as well. Have a keen look below and check them out to not miss yours:

Services for Individuals:

It has different category services including students moving their luggage from campus to home etc. Additionally, its professional door-to-door and easy-to-move baggage delivery services are appreciated by the clients. Indian defense is not neglected too and they can book Safexpress’s convenient pickup and door-delivery services anytime. Moreover, expo centers in India can consider the network of Safexpress to ensure timely exit from the centers of the demo pieces there and much more. Hence you can get into the details of these phenomenal services to get the one that suits your needs.

Services for Enterprises:

Have you ever heard of stock2shelf service in the logistics industry? For sure, your answer would be NO. This is the first time that Safexpress’s professionals decided to introduce this service exclusively for the clients. What’s the need for a retail store? Here the experts of Safexpress would get an evaluation of it and then you’ll get the best services in return. Being a retail owner, there is no need to restock your inventories time-to-time as Safexpress would do it for you. After getting this incredible mall supply chain management services, here comes vendor-managed inventory. OEM requirements are considered most important here to ensure inventory refilling after their evaluation.

Frequent services are activated once OEMs depict their current needs. Now comes virtual warehousing with replenished VAT optimization modeling. Robust IT services are provided here. Last but not the least, there is end-to-end supply chain management. Being the backbone of the economy, Safexpress ensures its logistics have high-end functionality including outsourcing, and much more. There is a minimal business loss with maximized profit ratio surety.

Express Distribution:

This is a standard delivery service including both mediums. One is surface and the second one is air. Surface in this regard is the pioneer of the logistics industry and hence the majority of revenue is generated from here. It is the hub of excellence ensuring timebound deliveries to the clients. More than 9000 activated vehicles are on the road to deliver the parcels timely and effectively. Then comes the safe air services. For hurried delivery, it is the most preferred service model. Here Safexpress’s specialists are not compromising on the quality too and ensuring the same standards for you.

3PL & Inventory Management

After deciding on strategic locations, there is a close relationship with clients to ensure flawless and on-time services. Enriched with technical aspects, Safexpress’s services are top-tier. Value-added services are provided to every client.

Supply Chain Consulting:

It includes labor resource planning, supply chain optimization, and much more on a bigger scale. 3000+ employees of Safexpress devise their strategic implementations here with versatile and tech-savvy modules.

Customized Projects:

Based on the client’s requirements and product’s nature/demand, Safexpress evaluates some principles that are developed especially. Carving bespoken solutions is an ultimate legacy of this company to ensure the provision of cutting-edge delivery services.

Reverse Logistics:

Last but not the least, you can conveniently hire Sefexpress’s reverse logistics services if you want to return or exchange something that you don't like as per expected. Come and avail yourself of super exciting SCOR model-based services that fit the criteria of your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the delivery time of Safexpress courier?

It depends upon the service that you have been availed of for yourself. If it is an emergency service, then you’ll get it on the same day or in two. Otherwise, in regular parcel deliveries, it usually takes 3-6 days. Hence there are customizable delivery timelines for each service individually.

Moreover, if you have a Safe Xpress tracking number, then you can track your order via the tool mentioned here and check its current location. Being the best Safexpress tracker, it has GPS enabling for all couriers delivery transportation by this company and you can easily accomplish Safexpress courier tracking.

What is Safexpress’s finest tracking tool?

Safe Express tracking is not challenging anymore as here comes the best tool for Safexpress online tracking. You can consider this fantastic tool to quickly track the orders that you have booked via Safexpress. Its working is illustrated below with high-end specs:

  • You will enter your tracking id in it and it will give you real-time Safexpress tracking details for locating your Pincode.
  • Additionally, Safex courier tracking is very easy now via using this tool. You can put in your details and get the right and accurate information about your parcel in no time.
  • It is the safest Safexpress track shipment way that you should think about and utilize it once to ensure its worth! is an online tool to track shipments.
It supports 31 different couriers including Aramex, Bluedart, Delhivery, DHL, DTDC, FedEx and Trackon.