Saudi Post Tracking

Saudi Post Tracking

Easily track your package with Saudi Post tracking system. Enter your tracking number and get real-time updates on your delivery status.

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About Saudi Post:

SPL is a government body that monitors delivery and postal activities in KSA. It also gives our customers the best Saudi Post tracking software to enhance their trust in SPL. It was founded in 1926 and now carries out extended operability with high-end infrastructure management. You can get tailored postal services that include networking of a robust delivery system overall, eCommerce exchange feasibility is also ensured by linking KSA globally.

SPL Tracking via the Most Trusted Tool:

Are you here to find out the fantastic work of tracking Saudi posts? It is a tool with various functions to offer a solution for Saudi post tracking parcels. If it is a Saudi post-cargo tracking tool like all others, it should be in your knowledge that it offers you one of the pre-eminent Saudi Arabia post-tracking mechanisms.

How To Use Our Saudi Post Cargo Tracking Tool Online?

To Use SPL online tracking tool, one should need to follow the following steps:


This will show you a detailed overview of the parcel you are looking for.

How Can I Find Saudi Arabia Post Tracking Tool?

To get one of the best tools, there are two possible ways here:

  1. Open your search browser and type some relevant keywords, i.e., "spl tracking," "saudi arabia post tracking," or "Saudi post cargo tracking." The search engine will show you some relevant suggestions for your keywords. Hopefully, you may find us in the top results of your desired need.
  2. Secondly, If you regularly track Saudi posts, It would be relatively better to bookmark this site "" on your browser. This will be helpful for you to get access to this tool in a few clicks, or you can also use other courier tracking tools here for free.

So open the tool, and put your Saudi post tracking number to get the information about your parcel.

Saudi Post Courier Services Tracked by Our Tracking SPL Tool:

Saudi Post serves individuals, enterprises, and government courier delivery services, whereas SMSA provides them privately. Due to more visibility in logistics services, SPL is a popular courier service in Saudia. There are two modes in which Saudi Post works for individuals as these modes are cores of delivery services. One is sending a parcel, and the second one is receiving it. Hence you can pick anyone to send a courier to your loved ones or business clients. And when you are a receiver, Saudi Post cargo must suggest the best services. To receive a courier/parcel depends on how you would prefer to get it!

Sending a Parcel:


As the name shows, it is urgent delivery of your parcels by SPL, and within a few hours, your parcel will be delivered to the destination with no problem. It is not a matter of days when you get urgent delivery services from SPL, but a game of hours! By using this service, you can send up to 30 kg weight.


It mainly deals with shipping, incorporating local and international shipments. For Saudi post tracking shipments, you can enjoy a real-time tracking tool that will help you a lot in getting access to the correct details of your parcel. This service provides doorstep delivery with a 30kg weight-carrying capability per delivery.


It is based on the same criteria as urgent and express services, like a weight limit, is 30kgs with the same delivery destinations. But the main thing distinguishing its importance is this service's budget-friendly price range.

Mail & SMEs Platform

You can deliver different gift items, invoices, docs, and related things via the mail service offered by SPL. A unique barcode is there to let the clients track their emails. It guarantees delivery within 4-8 working days. SMEs allow you to track your shipments after sending them via budget-friendly pricing packages with high speed and maximum reliability.

Receiving Mode:


Receiving the courier at your doorstep is convenient in your busy schedule instead of visiting the delivery office. If you avail yourself of the doorstep service by SPL, then you should be worry-free. Saudi Post gives you highly reliable and superfast services with up-to-the-mark quality.

Parcel Station

Suppose you can easily collect your shipment/parcel from the office. In that case, you can select a nearby office after evaluating the delivery timeline using the Saudi Post parcel tracking tool. The service will not be delayed; you can get it on time instead of waiting for your parcel.


You can explore different branches to contact SPL and related authorities for parcel delivery confirmation.

Government Document:

These are essential documents that the government gives citizens, and SPL takes responsibility for transferring them safely to the destination. These are regarding civil affairs, passport docs, etc.

E-P.O Box:

You can get unlimited storage capability in the E-P.O. box and a limited storage option in the P.O. box. Moreover, it will ensure smooth services to you without worries. If you are ready to explore the best options, avail yourself of this opportunity sooner!

Enterprise-Based Services:


The business sector requires perfect shipping services catering to logistics needs, including product delivery timely. Effective working models are offered to you regarding express shipment.

Business Solutions

They are diverse solutions to boost your business, including eCommerce. E-merchants require well-organized and smart solutions for reverse logistics and various delivery channels. Different modules are incorporated here, including COD, doorstep delivery, cash and & payment link, etc.


It includes medical mail where patients are mainly the clients, plus there are interactions with hospitals to deliver the products on time. There is no margin to delay in this sort of service!

Many other services, including money transfer, API integration, and much more, are specially designed to meet the criteria of the demands of the clients. Plus, it ensures serving them with all they need whenever they want at a single click!

FAQs - Frequently Asked Question

How long does the Saudi Post take to deliver?

The Saudi people mostly use the fast shipment service offered by Saudi Posts. It takes 1-2 business days to deliver the deliverable. Moreover, you can track saudi post for any inconvenience with package details.

What is an EMS box in Saudi Post?

EMS box is one of the best, most excellent, and fastest services that Saudi Post offers to its customers. You can send parcels up to 30kg in the EMS box at a very reasonable price for all local and international deliveries to your doorstep. You can track and trace Saudi posts online using online post-tracing tools.

What if I can not track my Saudi Post Courier Parcel?

It is annoying if you use our Saudi Post tracking tool and wait for the results. Sometimes temporary technical issues occur in the system, so it's best to try the tracking procedure again after some time. We suggest you follow the steps mentioned below and try again:

  1. Double-check your Saudi Post tracking number.
  2. Give it another go.
  3. Try the tracking procedure again.
  4. Go to the Saudi Post Courier official website or click this link:, and check your parcel status.