XpressBees Tracking

XpressBees Tracking

Keep an eye on your shipment with XpressBees tracking and make sure it arrives safely.

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About XpressBees:

XpressBees is the best courier and logistics service in India and delivers the couriers to your doorstep with cherishing vibes. Customers can use XpressBees tracking tools to check their parcel's online status and keep their eyes on it at every stage. There are more than 3000 offices of the XpressBees courier company, including the best and most client-friendly customer centers. Each year the double percentage of their revenue indicates clients' trust in them that they have sustained success. EXpressBees is the fast-growing courier service in India, gaining more people's trust than Bluedart and TCI Freight services.

Over 100 hubs of XpressBees support their regular work with the cooperation of 52+ cargo airports. Warehousing capacity is tremendously available here with no mess. It is not an old courier tracking service, as XpressBees track was founded in 2015. And today, it is delivering successfully to more than 3 million destination points per day. In 2015, it delivered 50,000 couriers per day, which has been enhanced in 2021. A continuous enhancement in this number is available on XpressBees courier tracking for users to track or check their history!

What is Our XpressBees Tracking tool?

XpressBees is an online parcel-tracking tool. We provide third-party service for facilitating the customers of XpressBees Courier and Logistics.

Here the customers can track XpressBees packages, parcels, or any shipment online by following the simple steps. Only the customer needs the "XpressBees parcel tracking id" to get info about his package, whether it is on the way, shipped to them, or not available in the tracking of XpressBees. Our tool works on a modern tracking system, and there's no chance of any mistakes users can trust our tool results.

How to Use Our XpressBees Courier Tracking Tool Stp-by-Step Guide

Here we discuss how users can check their parcel and package status online using our tool. Follow these steps and put your accurate tracking (ID) allotted by XpressBees Courier service.


Top 4 Services Of XpressBees Tracked by Our Tracking Tool:

Our XpressBees courier service is not just fast, but you can experience the best timeline of parcel delivery that the professionals at XpressBees ensure to follow. Via a versatile range of modish services is here with a clarified view of their purpose. XpressBees has succeeded in serving clients flawlessly with no confusion regarding XpressBees order tracking, delivery, customer-care service, etc. Have a look at the services that XpressBees provide you by covering different industries and working sectors:

B2C - XpressBees Services:

If cumulative experience is gathered here, then XpressBees has 100+ years of highly experienced people with niche-based experience in logistics, e-Commerce, and courier services. B2C stands for business to the client. It involves consumers and directly dealing with them. Tech-driven approaches are essential to excel in logistics today, and XpressBees delivers good quality. End-to-end operability is provided with a same-day or very next-day delivery option. Smart transportation is there to incorporate technology with conventional means of delivery.

B2B - XpressBees Services:

B2B is an abbreviation for business-to-business dealing. It tackles its clients innovatively, including dedicated and high-end logistics services. It supports multi-model business offers with specialized features. No delayed delivery with enhanced workability & framework is offered to the clients. Worry not if you are looking for some authentic B2B services for high-level business management. You can get customized delivery network options to pick and revolutionize your business in a distinguished way. Are you ready to boost your business by utilizing the experienced B2B services of XpressBees?

Cross-border Logistics:

It deals mainly with logistics and courier deliveries in other countries. Additionally, it connects India with other states to thrive in the delivery and logistics industry in a more advanced way. Express delivery services are dealt with under this section of XpressBees. It includes various modules for delivering the right quality, including sea, surface, and air. There are cutting-edge warehouses also where stock can be kept. XpressBees ensure on-time deliveries of your parcels magnificently.


3PL is the short form for third-party logistics (3PL). It is a strategic logistics service that deals with outsourced materials mainly. XpressBees serves you for it too. Super class services are rendered at this platform regarding 3PL. Pricing is decided as per transaction. Hence, this module is dealt with under the business paradigm. It is an integrated service with super-effective fulfillment. It enhances the scalability of the business uniquely. Come and avail yourself of the best 3PL services at XpressBees.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the exact time required for XpressBees shipment arrival?

Usually, it takes 3-7 days to deliver your courier, parcel, freight, or consignment. But if you avail yourself of any customized service, it can take days. Moreover, some services offer same-day delivery also. It greatly depends on your requirements and then delivers according to those. But you don't need to worry about it, as you can continually track the XpressBees package on its own using the service of the XpressBees tracking number.

Is there any order ID when a courier is booked via XpressBees?

XpressBees gives you an XpressBees tracking ID to track your parcel without fuss. But if you are going to pay attention to it while tracking your order, then you can face difficulty tracking it correctly. To get your parcel's accurate location and delivery time, enter the correct XpressBees tracking number. Then, you'll get the correct details of your courier.

What if I can not track my XpressBees parcel?

It is frustrating if you use our XpressBees tracking tool and wait for the results. Sometimes temporary technical issues occur in the system, so it's better to wait a while and try the tracking process again. We also recommend following the steps below and trying again:

  1. Verify your tracking number.
  2. Give it another go.
  3. Try Again.
  4. Visit the XpressBees official website or open this link: https://www.xpressbees.com, and track your parcel status.