China Post Tracking

China Post Tracking

To start tracking your packages, just enter the China Post tracking number below.


Easily check your China Post packages with the help of our tracking service. Enter your China Post tracking number and you can find if your package is currently in transit, out for delivery, or is delivered to the provided address.

How to Use Our China Post Tracking Service

Here are the steps that you need to follow to track your China post packages with the help of our tool.

  1. Identify the tracking number of your consignment.
  2. Enter the tracking number into the provided space.
  3. Click on the “Track Now” button.
  4. The process will take some seconds to complete. Wait while you are redirected to the results page.
  5. View and download the tracking information of your consignment with ease.

Our tool actually lets you input up to 10 different consignment numbers at the same time. You can add multiple numbers by putting them each on a separate line.

How to Track China Post Packages Using the Official Website

There is an alternate method that you can use to track China Post packages. You can visit the official website and use the tracking service provided there.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for this:

  1. First of all, go to the official China Post web page by clicking here:
  2. In the provided space, enter your China Post tracking number and click on the search button.
  3. You will then be provided the shipping information for the consignment.

chinapost tool overview

Why Use Our Tracking Service

While there are two methods that you can use to track your China Post packages, there are various reasons why you should pick our tool over the official website.

Here are some of the features and benefits that you can enjoy with our tracking service.

Bulk tracking

When you’re checking the tracking status of your packages using the official source, you can only enter one tracking number at a time. However, when using our tool, you can enter up to 10 different numbers at once. This can help you perform bulk tracking.

Downloading option available

Our tool also allows you to download the tracking information for your packages. This is also a benefit that you can enjoy exclusively by using our service. You cannot get it on the official website. Thanks to the downloading feature, you can save the information to your device so that you can easily check it later or share it with someone else.

Track status categorization

This is a very useful feature that our service provides. If you track multiple packages at the same time, you can view their tracking information in category tabs. For example, if there are three packages that are in the “Out for Delivery” section, you can view them in one category. The same goes for the other delivery statuses as well.

Tracking Number Format

The China Post tracking number usually consists of 13 letters.

Here are some examples of China Post tracking numbers.

Types of China Post Services

The following are some of the types of China Post shipping services that you can use to send packages from one place to the other.

Registered Air Mail

Registered Air Mail is a popular shipping service offered by China Post. With this service, you can send packages internationally and also track them online using a tracking number. Items sent via this method can be up to 2 kg in weight.

China Post Small Packet

This is an affordable shipping service that you can use with China Post. With this service, you can also send packages up to 2KG in weight. However, contrary to the Registered Air Mail, these packages cannot be tracked online. They are unregistered packages.

China Post Large Packet+

This service offered by China Post is for bigger packages. It can be used for packages that are between 2 kg to 20 kg in weight. It comes at an affordable price, and the packages can also be tracked if they are registered.


This shipping service by China Post is specifically for merchants who need to send parcels to their customers either domestically or internationally. As the name indicates, the “epacket” service is specifically for “e-commerce” merchants.

China Post Shipping Status Meaning Explained

There are different statuses that can be assigned to your consignment depending on where it is in the shipping process. Below, we’ve provided a table that shows the various shipping statuses and their meanings.

Status Description
Dispatching This status means that the package has been dispatched from the receiving facility to a facility in another city or to an export center (if the package is being sent internationally).
Opening This status means that the package is undergoing customs check before being sent to the destination country.
Departure from Outward Office of Exchange This status means that the package has now cleared the customs check and has been dispatched from the facility in the country of origin.
Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange This status means that the package has arrived at the destination country.
Customs Processing This status indicates that the package is going through the customs process at the destination country.
Delivered This status means that the package has been successfully delivered.

Timing Table

Depending on the service that you use when sending packages with China Post, the time taken for the delivery can vary. Below, we have mentioned a table that contains information about the delivery times that the standard Air Mail takes to deliver to different countries. There are other types of services as well, but the Air Mail delivery time can give you a general idea.

(Please keep in mind that these are not all the countries that China Post delivers to. These are some of the popular destinations.)

Dest. Country Avg. Arrival Time
USA 7 to 60 Days
UK 7 to 40 Days
Canada 10 to 60 Days
Australia 7 to 60 Days
Germany 10 to 25 Days
France 7 to 50 Days
Japan 5 to 20 Days
New Zealand 7 to15 Days
Pakistan 12 to 50 Days
Russia 7 to 40 Days
South Africa 40 to 90 Days
South Korea 7 to 20 Days
Spain 10 to 35 Days
Sweden 7 to 20 Days
UAE 10 to 30 Days

China Post Tracking in Canada and the USA

China Post delivers packages all around the globe. When a China Post package reaches the United States of America, it is forwarded to USPS, which is the national postal service. Likewise, when shipping to Canada, the package is taken up by Canada Post once it crosses borders.

If you wish to perform China Post tracking in Canada or the USA, you can use the China Post tracking number to see the shipping journey of the package until the point it leaves China. Once the package arrives in the USA or in Canada, you will be given a new tracking number. This tracking number will allow you to see the progress of the package with USPS/Canada Post (depending on the destination location). 

Is it safe to receive packages from China in light of Coronavirus?

Yes, it is completely safe to receive packages from China. There is no need to worry about the Coronavirus when getting your packages.

Customer Service

If you want to get in touch with the customer service department at China Post, here is the information that you can use. (These details are for China Post Global.)

Do More With Track My Package

Here at Track My Package, we do a lot more than just help you track your China Post packages. We cover a range of different couriers from around the globe. With our tracking service, you can easily perform the following:

Like China Post, these couriers are used for international shipping and are used around the world.


Who does China Post use in the US?

When China Post packages reach the US, they are delivered to the final destination by the USPS (United States Postal Service). China Post works in collaboration with USPS to deliver packages from China to the USA.

How to get a USPS tracking number from China Post?

When your package reaches the USA, China Post will give you an update and inform you thereof. You will be able to find the USPS tracking number by checking the status page of your China Post package. In other words, if you enter the tracking number of your China Post package, you will see a message such as “Your package is now on its way via USPS with tracking number XX,” etc.

You may also receive an email directly from China Post informing you of the tracking number.

Why does China Post take so long to deliver?

There are various reasons why China Post can take a long time to deliver packages to your destination. For example,