Pakistan Post Tracking

Pakistan Post Tracking

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Pakistan Post Tracking 

Easily perform Pakistan Post tracking using our online package tracking service. You can quickly track packages and parcels being sent/received via the official Pakistan Post Office. All you need to get started is the tracking number for your consignment.

With the tracking information at your fingertips, you can stay on top of all your consignments. You can know exactly when to expect them or when they are delivered to their destinations.

How Can You Track Your Pakistan Post Package?

There are a number of different ways you can track your Pakistan Post shipments. However, using Track My Package is the recommended method because it is fast, reliable, and very easy to perform.

Use Track My Package

If you use our service to track your package, you will get proper updated information. Our service fetches the data for your consignment from official and authentic sources, which means that it is accurate.

How to Track Pakistan Post Package with TMP

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

pk post tracking result

Use the official Pakistan Post Website

Another method that you can use to check your Pakistan Post package shipping status is to use the official website.

You can find the official website at this link:

When you go to this website, you can find the tracking page under the “Express Post” tab in the navigation menu.

Pak post tracking

After clicking on the “Track and Trace” button, you will be redirected to another page where you can enter the tracking number in this space at the top right corner of the interface:

pakpost ums tracking

Where Can You Find the Pakistan Post Tracking Number?

You can find the Pakistan Post tracking number on the receipt that you are given when you ship your parcel, or the confirmation email that you receive. If someone is sending you a parcel via this service, they can share the tracking number with you via email or message.

Features of Track My Package’s Pak Post Tracking Service

Using Track My Package is the better method to pick because of how fast it is. But other than being fast, there are a number of other features that you can enjoy with it as well.

1- It is completely free to use

You can check your consignment’s tracking details easily with our service without having to pay a dime. The official tracking service is free as well, and the same is true for Track My Package as well. There can be some similar online tools that may require you to sign up or view an ad, etc., to get the results, but this isn’t a problem with our service.

2- Download the tracking information to your local storage

Another useful feature provided by our tool is that you can download the tracking information to your local storage. When you get all the shipping information of your package, you can click on the “Download” button near the top right corner of the interface. Thanks to this feature, you can actually share the tracking details with other people if the need arises.

3- Fresh and updated information

Our tool acquires updated information from official sources. You don’t have to worry about getting old tracking details for your consignments. As soon as Pakistan Post updates the tracking information for your package, you will be able to see it via our service as well.

Note: Track My Package also offers tracking services for other Pakistan-based courier services. You can perform the following types of package tracking using our platform:

What Do Pakistan Post Tracking Statuses Mean?

When you check your Pakistan Post shipment using our service, there are different shipping statuses that you can see. Here is a list of the various statuses, along with their meaning.

Status Description
Received at (X City). This status means that the sender has handed in the package to the Pakistan Post branch in the city of origin.
Dispatch from district mail office (X city) to district mail office (X City). This status means that the package is now being sent from the branch in the origin city to the branch in the recipient city.
Send item to destination country. This status is used for international shipments. This means that the person sending the package has posted it to be sent to Pakistan.
Send item abroad (EDI-received) This status is used to denote that the relevant shipping documents have been exchanged by the courier of the origin country and Pakistan Post.
Receive item at office of exchange in the destination country This status is used to denote that the package has now reached Pakistan and has been received by Pakistan Post. At this juncture, the package goes through customs before being further processed.
Insert item into domestic bag This status means that the package in question has cleared customs and now will be placed inside a domestic bag to begin its final journey to the recipient.
Sent out for delivery This status means that the package is now in the hands of a delivery driver who will bring it to the address of the recipient.
Delivered This status means that the package has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

Your Data is Secure with Us

Understandably, you may be a little uncertain about adding your tracking number to our tool to check for your package. However, there is no need to worry. Rest assured that all the data about your package is safe with us. We don’t share it with any other source, nor do we utilize it for any purpose other than to provide you with the information that you need.


Does Pakistan Post deliver internationally?

Yes, Pakistan Post delivers internationally. It is not only for domestic shipments within Pakistan. You can send packages to someone in Pakistan as well as from within Pakistan to someone abroad.

How long does it take for Pakistan Post to deliver internationally?

Pakistan Post usually takes around 5 to 6 days to deliver packages internationally.

How can I check my Pakistan Post package shipping status?

You can check the shipping status of your Pakistan Post package either by using the official website or by simply using the service that we provide. Both methods are accurate and reliable, but if you use our service, it can be quicker.

I don’t have my Pakistan Post tracking number. What should I do?

If you have sent a package via Pakistan Post, you can find the tracking number on your receipt or in the email that you received for confirmation. But if you haven’t received an email or if you have misplaced your receipt, you can get in touch with Pakistan Post, and they will be able to help you out. You can tell them your name, the size of the shipment, the date of booking, etc. so that they can help you out.

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