TCS Tracking

TCS Tracking

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable shipping? TCS Tracking has got you covered.

Track TCS Packages Easily

If you are sending or receiving packages through TCS domestically or internationally, you can easily keep track of them using our service. Track My Package provides a TCS tracking service that you can use for free. You can get updated details about your consignments with just a few steps.

Using our TCS tracking tool is very easy as it just requires you to put in the tracking number. After that, you can view all the details about your shipment such as when it was shipped, delivered, etc.

How Can You Track Your TCS Package Online?

If you want to track your TCS parcels online, there are a number of different methods that you can try. You can use our service here at TMP or you can go to the official TCS website. The benefit of using the tracking service at Track My Package is that it is very quick and simple.

Below, we will talk about the steps that you have to follow for both of these methods.

How to Track TCS Package Using TMP?

The other method that you can try is using Track My Package’s TCS tracking service. This method is quite easy. Plus, you can enjoy various helpful features with it, such as the option to download your tracking data to your local storage.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to use our tool.

How to Track TCS Packages from the Official Website?

Here is what you have to do to track your TCS package using the official website.

  1. Load the official TCS website by going to the following URL:
  2. On the landing page, you will find a field marked “Track Your Shipment.”
  3. Add your tracking number into the field and click on the “Track Shipment” button.

TCS courier tracking

Once you click on the button, the results for the shipment will be provided.

Why Should You Use Our Tracking Service?

There are various methods that you can use to track your TCS shipments. But why should you pick our tool? There are many reasons for that, including:

Our tool is free to use and requires no signup

If you want to keep track of your parcels using our service, you don’t have to worry about making any sort of payment or signing up with your email or phone number, etc. Track My Package is a completely free platform, and our TCS tracking service is likewise free.

Updated information about your consignments

By using our tool, you can get updated information about your shipments. You can see exactly when your packages are shipped, when they arrive at the storage facility, when they are delivered, and so on.

Download your tracking details to your device

If you want to send and share the tracking details of your consignment to someone else, or if you simply want to save them and check them later, there is a downloading feature that you can use. You can click on the download button and save the information on your device as a TXT file.

Note: You can enjoy these features in other tracking services by Track My Package as well. We offer the following tracking for Pakistan-based couriers, including:

What is the TCS Tracking Number, and How Can You Find it?

The TCS tracking number is a unique identifying number that is allotted to every shipment. This number helps customers to easily find their shipments and consignments when the need arises. Our tool provides you with the tracking information of your consignment using this number.

How to Find the Tracking Number?

When you ship a package using TCS, you are given a physical receipt on which your name, address, as well as the things like the weight of the package are mentioned. On this receipt, you can find the tracking number.

TCS also sends you an email address that you provide with a confirmation email, and you can also find the tracking number there.

What Are the Different TCS Statuses, and What Do They Mean?

When you check your package’s shipping status using our service and the official website, there are different types of statuses that you can see. Here is a brief description of each one. Learning about all of these statuses will help you understand where your package exactly is and when you can receive it.

Status Description
Arrived at TCS Facility This status means that the package has arrived at the facility in the city of origin.
Departed from Origin This status means that the package has departed from the origin city and is on its way to the destination city.
Arrived at TCS Facility The second time that you see this status, it means that the package has arrived at the TCS facility in the destination city.
Courier out for delivery This status means that your package is currently out of delivery and will be delivered within the day
Delivered, signed by X This status means that the package has been received at the provided destination address. Typically, TCS also shows the name of the person who received it.


What is the format of the TCS tracking number?

TCS tracking numbers have a very simple structure. They are usually a string of digits containing around 11 to 13 numbers.

How do I track my TCS package?

You can track your TCS package using our TCS tracking tool by TMP. You can also visit the official website and use your tracking ID to find out where your package is.

How long does TCS take to deliver?

If you send a package to someone domestically, the delivery is done either within the same day or on the next day. For example, if you send a package from Islamabad to someone in the same city, it will be delivered within the same day, provided that you find the right time window. However, if you send a package from Peshawar to Karachi, i.e., a long distance, then it can take one day to deliver.

Is TCS international?

Yes, TCS offers an international delivery service called RedBox. You can send non-perishable items using this service.

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